Principal Designer

Samantha come from a 20+ years corporate background in Training, Project Management and Communications.  Samantha's unique set of skills transfers to Real Estate in a very unique way.  She actually listens, enabling her to quickly understand your needs and wants and deliver on them.  She has exception negotiation skills honed over her 20+ year corporate career working at all levels of private enterprise and Federal Government.

Through this experience Sam knows how to understand what it is you need, your desire and what you want.  Sam can plan to achieve your goals through her extensive project management experience.

From an early age Sam always had an interest in design, and her design experience spans many years, if not her entire lifetime, having renovated and built homes in Canberra and advised friends and colleagues on design over the years.  Sam has designed houses and extensions for her own homes and has a gallery of home designs and ideas that have been generated over a lifetime of interest in architecture and home design.

This is not just a job for Sam, it is her passion, her desire, her life.

In 2016 she decided to formalised her skills by undertaking a Diploma in Interior Design and a Home Staging course.  In 2017 Sam completed the required training to gain her Queensland Principal Real Estate licence and is now a licensed Real Estate Agent working with Bateman Property Group.  This combination of training and her lifetime of design gives Sam a unique outlook on her work, particularly the Home Staging work.  She knows the Queensland Real Estate industry, and can not just style your home but can also sell your home.